How it Works

Expect to be inspired and empowered.

We get started with a free, introductory session during which we talk about why you are interested in coaching and what you expect to achieve. I will share what coaching is and is not, my coaching style, what you can expect during our work together, and options for moving forward.

If there is a rapport and we decide there is a good fit, we work together to tailor the coaching program in a way that best meets your needs.

Whether we are working together on life purpose coaching or executive coaching, the program consists of two primary phases:

  1. Prep work to establish the coaching goals and a baseline of where you are today

  2. Recurring 50-minute coaching sessions where we work together to create a vision of your ideal life and/or career and action plans to move forward

Prep Work

Prep work includes:

  • A client questionnaire that requires inner reflection about your strengths, weaknesses and how others perceive you

  • A list of goals that you are looking to achieve with coaching

  • The Energy Leadership Index assessment

  • A 90 minute debrief to discuss the your assessment results and goals going forward

Coaching Sessions

During our coaching sessions, we will work together to help you achieve your goals. In order to help you gain focus and insight that empowers you to develop and nurture an “inside-out” way of life, I will apply my:

  • Analytical, active listening, and deep-questioning skills

  • An intuitive understanding of the transformation process

  • Frameworks that provide context and empower your choices of how you show up in every situation

  • Techniques to help you create vision, develop action plans, and hold yourself accountable to achieve your goals

With any coaching engagement, it is the input of both parties that makes it work. Complimenting the work that I put in, Michael worked hard to ensure our engagement met my goals from the very start.

Before our first meeting, I completed a thought provoking questionnaire and also took an assessment – the Energy Leadership Index. Both these tools supported our subsequent sessions.

Sessions were by video-conference at a time that worked with my schedule. My needs did change over the course of our engagement but formal amendments were only made after some great discussions and confirmation that the shift in focus was appropriate.

Michael’s style was easy-going, yet challenging, and while I set the pace, Mike was ready to push back if needed. A supportive partner, who is by no means a walk over, Michael will help you achieve the outcomes you seek and make changes that will have impact beyond the coaching engagement. – Rebecca Loades